un petit peu de moi




168 cm 5’6″ – Up to 5’11″ in Heels








Tall, graceful, athletic build


Soft, silky, long and strawberry blonde


Big, bright hazel


Edgy and classy. Put together with a bit of bold, modern jewelry and statement shoes


Educated, adventure seeker, free spirit. Affectionate and a bit rebellious.

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I’ve heard that my entire life.

It’s not necessarily that I am trouble; I just happen to think it’s exciting. I love a good secret, especially a naughty one. 

Time well-spent on yourself is deserved but easily forgotten and pushed aside by the mundane rigors of life. 

Being devious is a pastime of mine, and one I find thoroughly enjoyable. Being dominant and knowing what I want, makes our time together thrilling and organic. I'm assured in my manner, but I’m not hard-edged. Diving into new experiences with a debonair individual is a truly fulfilling experience for me. I see that kink in the back of your mind and that twinkle in your eye, and I want to explore it.

I am sensual by nature: a bit romantic, a bit shy at first, then finally bold when you crack my exterior and get down to my true nature.

I mentioned I was dominant. If you're curious what it would be like to be put into line by a beautiful, lithe and sexy young mistress, I'm your girl. 




Je m'appelle Marie LeBlanc,

Since we are friends, call me Marie. As an American of French decent, I understand passion but with an invigorating frank twist. I can be delightfully devious, witty, and charismatic. I love to be that je ne sais quoi, the goose-bumps rising on your skin, your temporary escape. I'm a strong, passionate woman looking for gentlemen of the same caliber. I can be quite the exhibitionist. I can be dominating and demanding, but balance is the key to satisfaction. I know my social graces but also know when to push your buttons.

As an avid artist,


art lover and art historian, color has deep meaning in my life. LeBlanc, meaning "white", is the color at one extreme end of the scale of grays. A white surface reflects the light of all hues completely. It is the ultimate limit of a series of shades of any color: nothing more and nothing less. Never underestimate the awing nature of 'blanc'. It works with any other color, in any context, anywhere. Let me add hue to your color, invigorate and add lightness to your soul. A little LeBlanc goes a long way.

I am highly social


and love sharing stories with a fellow conversationalist. I am a young woman who has experienced the world and whose thirst for adventure cannot be quenched. I am quite outgoing but a refined and well-rounded individual. At the age of twenty-five, I have visited over thirty counties and have lived abroad in Australia, France, and Japan. Adventure is always calling. On y va?



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petite amie

your girlfriend du jour

Sensual, sweet, a little shy at first... and then passionately connected to you and our experience together. 

femme fatale

a little more kinky

Are your proclivities a little naughtier than the average? I'm an imaginative switch, and can be submissive and dominant by turns.

One hour


One and a Half


Two hours


Three hours


Dinner Date (four hours)


Overnight Date (twelve hours)


Full Day (twenty-four hours)


Weekend Away (forty-eight hours)


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One hour


One and a Half


Two hours


Three hours


Dinner Date (four hours)


Overnight Date (twelve hours)


Full Day (twenty-four hours)


Weekend Away (forty-eight hours)


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A ménage a trois is just what the doctor ordered to blow the cobwebs away.

 Why not spend some quality time together with my best friend, Adrienne Leilani? Double the trouble and a whole lot of fun. We love each other's company and are always delighted to Here's a hint of what we get up to behind closed doors.






Please provide either two companion references or, if you don't have these, your employment information (your Linked In profile or a photo of your business card emailed to All of your information will be kept 100% confidential.

I can't wait to meet you!


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